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Mind Control Victim : Mind Control Forums Victim Founder Cheryl Welsh is the founder and president of Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse, a non-profit organization formed by a group of victims of alleged nonconsensual human experimenation involving electromagnetic and neurological weapon testing programs by the U.S. and other governments.

The group seeks to collect any material on the topic of human experimentation, electromagnetic and neurological technologies, and weapons programs. They network with each other and with other human rights groups. Further objectives of the group are to educate the public about human rights abuse and to prevent it from recurring.

For other than authorized security purposes, our lives are not to be intruded upon by electronic surveillance technology. However, this subject area is so out of control that access is in the hands of criminal, deranged and stalking personalities. These personalities are not satisfied with surveillance only. They have incorporated other extreme abusive modes of electronic activity, which can destroy our lives while jeopardizing top securities. I am not talking about simple surveillance devices. These are very serious categories of satellite, radio wave, sound wave, electromagnetic, holography and the speculated mind control technologies. Federal guidelines and handling procedures are inept. It is very important to point out that my personal situation is not the typical proclaimed Department Of Defense, National Security Agency, other government situation or known case. It is an example of the extent and how (OUT OF CONTROL) the technologies abuse is, (INTO WHAT HANDS IT HAS FALLEN) and (HOW THESE CASES ARE HANDLED).

Humanity faces a crisis of law and conscience that few can recognize, still fewer will acknowledge, and none will remedy -- a crisis that jeopardizes the very future of human civilization. The essential concepts of human rights and human dignity are under assault as never before.

In the UNITED STATES today, there is a covert war going on. The war involves the use of covert weaponry upon an unprotected civil populace. PSYCHOLOGICAL operations, DIRECTED ENERGY and incredible MIND MACHINE interfaces are being used on U.S. citizens, as well as fear...The basic Constitutional rights of U.S. citizens are in jeapardy. There is no privacy, no freedom of choice and utter victimization when these technologies are used. Due to corruption in law enforcement and a lack of responsible supervision involving specific surveillance technologies, people no longer have privacy and victims are now a persecuted people...The crime? Someone doesn't like the way they think. [http://myweb.cableone.net/]