Northern Ireland to get lower Corporation Tax level

Campaigners in Northern Ireland continue to call for the devolution of
 corporation tax setting powers to Stormont.
Such a move would allow the Executive to lower corporation tax to 12.5% so
 the Northern Ireland economy could compete on a level playing field with the

Prime Minister David Cameron is expected to make a decision on the issue in
 the new year.

TAP - No doubt many UK companies would set up branches there.
If this goes through, it will be a small victory for Owen Paterson, who introduced the low corporation tax policy when he was Secretary of State for Northern Ireland.  He's now working on rural broadband, and is proposing a breaking up of the BT monopoly in rural areas.  There is still one member of the cabinet who believes in business.

If only he understood the risks of GM foods, which for some reason have passed him by.  Sterilising corn, cancerous soya.  He hasn't heard of it and thinks GM is all motherhood and apple pie.

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