Olympic opening ceremony featured Satanic baby

JULIA (paraphrased from two emails) -  If the baby's due date is July 24th, it means it was conceived on Halloween.   I felt compelled to read Rosemary's Baby at that exact time.  William and Kate were not away, and were presumably at Kensington Palace.

I am slightly troubled that I was reading Rosemary's Baby around that time. I have just checked when I had it out from the library. It was really quite odd how I was compelled to get it and read it, gruesome though it is. 

See Julia's latest post on the Royal baby, its conception and the Olympics opening ceremony.


 Sorry, you probably want something more cohesive than just a bunch of links! Some of it fits well with things I have mentioned before, and also WASP's stuff, I think. It seems I was not the only one to be drawn to parallels with Rosemary's Baby. 

I am personally finding it quite gruesome as it all unfolds in the present, a real life satanic baby in full public view. Researching history is one thing, but seeing it play out now is quite another. Partly because I feel part of it.  


LINK extract -

A Starchild is Born !

Actually the birth was very dark, and we have to go to the movie ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ to understand the conception . In ‘Rosemary’s Baby’, Rosemary is raped by the Devil who has come up from wherever he lives and conceives a ‘Child of Satan’ . The ‘Dark Satanic Mills’ section of the ceremony was called ‘Pandemonium’ . This is a reference to the capital of Hell in John Milton’s Paradise Lost . From Wiki :

Pandæmonium is the capital of Hell in the epic poem Paradise Lost by the 17th century English poet John Milton.

likened to a sperm by the blogger SUBhuman

JULIA -  There is a very interesting map at the beginning of this post, showing an egg to be fertilised in front of Kensington Palace. The path or channel to the egg is also crossed by the Serpentine, (the snake, the reptile). The Opening Ceremony of the Olympics is a map exactly to scale of Hyde Park and Kensington Palace. Billions of people watching, all that energy! It seems it was being directed towards a fertility ritual. 
TAP - Queen Victoria at Kensington Palace - when the Rothschilds took over,  Nathan Mayer Rothschild her father.
From website Megaritual -
The Megaritual is the opening of the Stargates to assist in the conception of the divine child, a new financial world and the rebirth of the human species.  
TAP -  As we can now see, this is clearly no joke.  The Satanists have left their mark.  A tainted Royal family, bathed in evil, is their preferred future, matching the evil of their past.  Mind if we check out?
JULIA -  Same blog links the death of Whitney Houston, and also the Aurora killings, as a sacrifice to the satanic birth ritual at the Olympics. I am not yet sure why they are linked. The plot thickens.


From all the Queen/Isis references at the Olympic Opening Ceremony, I would suggest the child is female – a new Queen Isis to ‘rule them all’ . With my current obsession for the ‘Alien’ movie, I see her as the reptile Queen whose children are born to serve the Hive community and protect the Queen at all costs .

If one were kind, the James Bond stunt could be seen as Lucifer (The Man Who Fell to Earth) and Isis (QE2 -The Female of the Throne) joining together and the result is a Starchild (my avatar!) i.e. humanity . But as the ritual required the sacrifice of Whitney Houston and the atrocity in Aurora during 2012, I am not overly optimistic . And that doesn’t include all the previous dark rituals from earlier years, as well .

In reality, there are no ‘Starchilds’ or ‘Goddesses’ in the way we understand the terms . This is manipulation of energy to serve a purpose . It may be the birth of a new Golden Age for someone but I don’t think it includes the vast majority of humanity .

I don’t know at present what will be the outcome in the immediate future – some of this stuff is way out of my pay bracket – but the new Queen will require an Earth, which is appropriate for someone of her finesse and position . And us normal humans will have to learn our places in the new hierarchy or that is the idea .

The ritual we saw on Friday was just a means to an end and I’m sure there is more weirdness to come . As for the Olympics themselves, it is entirely possible we may see something dramatic during the Games but thank god, I am not party to the plans, and who knows ?

Anyway, the following clip from Rosemary’s Baby seems apt . In the movie, the child is male but I think you’ll understand .

TAP - sorry about the spacings.  Nothing I can do to correct it.  Thanks, Google.  It seems like the evil is even affecting your control systems.