Personally, I'm Getting Tired of the Idea That Every Mass Shooting

is some massively evil staged psy-op, all for the sake of "taking away guns from Americans", and enacting some sort of martial law, or whatever.

Too much right-wing paranoia, for me.

Too much bad conspiracy-theorizing-- too much grasping at straws and weak clues.

Too many gun freaks going absolutely nuts about the prospect of even weak gun regulation.

Too much Alex Jones and too much NRA and too much gun adulation.

I just don't have the stomach for it, personally.

Note-- I am not saying Sandy Hook *wasn't* a conspiracy of some sort, or that other gun massacres didn't have funny business with them.  I just am tired of all the stuff that people put out for each one of these incidents, and I find it hard to believe EVERYONE of these was a set-up.  There ARE real crazy people-- drugged up or whatever-- who do go on massacres with guns, without government assistance.  Limiting their access to guns would help save lives.

Meanwhile, I do think the NRA and gun manufacturers have a very evil aspect to them.  They are NOT simply about protecting American's freedoms-- their primary goal is to make money and they do spread a good amount of death and destruction.

The NRA arrogantly refused to soften their stance on gun control and horrifically says the solution to gun massacres at schools is posting more armed guards at schools. This is basically the "shock doctrine"-- a national tragedy becomes a prime business opportunity for the NRA's gun manufacturer sponsors.

The NRA has MILITARY connections.  Historically, the military aspect of the NRA makes sense, but now it just seems gruesome and evil.

The NRA is a huge supporter of the GOP, and the GOP is a major part of what is wrong with this country, in my opinion.

The NRA won't even allow funding for proper studies into gun violence, for fuck's sake.

The NRA does have blood on their hands, as far as I am concerned.

Moreover, the gun manufacturers have completely immunized themselves from wrongful death suits, leaving no recourse for victims, through Congressional legislation.

Look-- I am NOT suggesting to repeal the 2nd amendment by any means. I am fine with Americans having guns in general. But at this point, I think it has become a sick sick business, and I think anyone who wants to carry serious weaponry (semi-automatic rifles, large capacity magazines, concealed handguns) needs proper training and certification.

At this point, Americans' guns are not going to overthrow the government or help Americans fight off the police state.  That is a fantasy that needs to be discarded.  Having guns to protect your home and family from outright anarchy is also a bit nuts.  One needn't be obsessed about that, as we are nowhere close to that, and I still believe civilization will last quite a while.

Having guns to protect your home and family from robbers or crazies, sure, I can understand that.

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