Rolf Harris cautioned. Do we need Royalty any more?

I didn't cover the Rolf Harris caution, and his inclusion in the list of entertainer suspects.  He's another entertainments industry sacrifice, no doubt selected to feed the media machine, to get the politicians and the Royals off the hook.


Anonymous said...
Has Rolf Harris actually been formally cautioned?

Bearing in mind that a police caution is a criminal disposal, is an admission of guilt, and is on the offender's record.

What's the provenance of this caution?

(Genuine inquiry - not a prurient bystander.)
10:03 AM
Blogger Tapestry said...
I saw the word cautioned elsewhere, and have not checked it out.

That said he's yet another Royal favorite..

As Bill Oddie said, everyone in the BBC knew Savile was 'at it'.   Oddie believes Savile was untouchable as he was a 'friend' of the Royals.  In other words, the Royals set the standards which the BBC observed.

Throwing Rolf Harris as a decoy isn't going to stop the flames burning their way all the way to Buckingham Palace.  Does anyone feel proud any more of Britain's Royal family?  Wouldn't we be better off without them?

Someone must have made allegations against Harris.  Let's see how it goes.  As it's all gone to the Police, we have no idea who's behind it, or what the story is.