Rumours of backlash against bloggers

Jacintha Saldanha.  Sacrificed by the elite.  They need to bring in privacy laws. 

More details surface after Slog asked to delete links

Having been tipped off last week about the pulling together of a Government plan to attack bloggers via McAlpinesque legal threats, The Slog received in short order a series of requests from a variety of blogospherists, asking for links to articles about leading politicians to be deleted. Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson were the anti-free speech fanatics most often cited. Now more details of a new Bill to complement that strategy are starting to surface. It isn’t looking pretty.

Useless legislator and empty suit Nick Clegg may be about to pull off the one achievement of his risible Deputy Premiership: new powers to monitor email and internet use need a “fundamental rethink”, he says. And he “vowed” (always beware the vow) to block the draft Communications Data Bill, instead pushing alternative plans that would reduce liberty infringement to a minimum.

His comments came as a committee of MPs and peers criticised the bill’s scope, with several voices on all sides at Westminster increasingly prepared to view the Leveson Report as a Trojan Horse crammed with new laws to stifle online debate, revelation and speculation. Leveson himself was notably quick to cite the Aussie DJ phone-call prank as another example of the need for tougher privacy laws….an interesting comment given that it has nothing whatever to do with the internet or the press media.

TAP - This bears out the warning from Ben Fellows two days ago that the nurse (pictured at top) dying was going to be used as the excuse to bring in greater privacy laws.  Shame they had to kill her first, but that's the kind of thing we've come to expect from our rulers nowadays.  After 1997, things have become obvious enough.  Killing people is regarded as normal business for maintaining their programmes.   The problem surely is that people are starting to notice.  It's fifteen years since Diana was assassinated.  It's been downhill ever since.

BEN FELLOWS wrote -  The prank call by Australian radio presenters who got a condition report from the Duchess of Cambridge's nurse by pretending to be the Queen and Prince Charles proves the need for new privacy laws, Lord Justice Leveson has said.


Tap, a photo that has appeared in the mass media purporting to be of Jacintha Saldanha is actually taken from the Facebook page of another woman who lives in India, her namesake - who's now in the Deccan Chronicle complaining about it.

This is all the more strange because - as you can see from the two photos in the Daily Mail article - this very photo which this still-alive woman in the Deccan Chronicle says is a picture of herself was recently held in the arms of the husband of the deceased.

What's going on? Did the Daily Mail do a photoshop job?

TAP - This is really very confusing.  The correct children appear to be in the picture of the woman claimed not to be the correct Jacintha Saldanha, making the Deccan Chronicle picture of the correct Jacintha Saldanha - and the ones released earlier in London incorrect.

Here's the picture used by the media in London and around the globe as well as the one used by the Deccan Chronicle -

Here are the kids without the mother grieving her loss -

Yet here is the mother writing in The Deccan Chronicle that she is still alive.  The Jacintha Saldanha at the top appears to be someone else.