Sandy Hook casualties not to be seen by their parents. Why not?

Here is an interesting link. Not sure what to make of it, except it reminds me of the Moonwalkers and their three weeks (I think it was) quarantine on return to Earth. It gives the controllers time to set the scene, and coach the actors.!/entry/parents-of-massacred-children-not-allowed-to-see-them-dead,50cc11c5d7fc7b5670a86143 

 The Sun today was pretty sick. It gleefully displayed live photos of the heads of all the dead children, happy and smiling, but now the smile wiped off their faces. They do the same thing whoever they kill. Osama Bin Laden, Gadaffi. It's like trophy heads on a plate. Victory. 

It's also another Sandy. Hurricane Sandy. Sandy Hook. Not much in it. 

I am trying to get more, but the Internet is not working well for me today.