Sandy Hook referred to in 007 latest - Sky Fall

Anonymous said... Two videos that cast more doubt on the recent shootings: 

With regards to the film The Dark Knight Rises, TPTB do like to 'show off' what they have planned for us. Look up all the references to 9/11 hidden in movies/TV programmes (The Lone Gunmen, The Simpsons, for instance)... another false flag. Annie Machon on 9/11 false flag terrorism. She also mentions other false flag events sponsored by the state to push an agenda forward. The most recent agenda with the shootings is to ban guns in America... another Dunblane, if you will:

TAP - note the text written above the pictures, as well as the voice over.  he made a mistake in identifying which film it was to begin with, he writes.

If true, and it seems so, that could be why the Bond movies no longer have a feeling of quality.  They've been hijacked for another agenda.