Spanish solar panels generate electricity at night

A10Sean said...
Julia , On solar panels ... couldnt resist ...

I just came across this guy… But obviously right up my street …

...and it gets worse

Further to my previous post, it's worth noting that from April Fools' Day this year the UK Government is going to pay people 44p per kW for the electricity they produce at home via solar means, while regular electricity costs 7p to buy.

This is absurd enough without the obvious problem pointed out in this article, that some enterprising souls will just connect the input to the output and spend all day selling electricity to the govt for 6x what they bought it for.

It's almost like comedy. The Spanish Authorities have spotted that the Spanish solar panel owners have claimed to be generating electricity at night:



Julia said...
Brilliant! I hadn't thought of that, selling back non solar as if it's solar! Thanks Sean. The thing is the government don't actually care about any money. They have loads. The objective is to get everyone into solar panels.

It reminds me of a friend who said about Boots the chemist "I love Boots, it's almost as if they are paying me to shop there". She has a lot of points, and then you add in special deals etc.

They want us to have all the crap you can buy at Boots, lots of chemicals infiltrating our homes and bodies.

TAP - Interesting that the requested article in the links has been withdrawn!!!  Cosmetics are one of the easiest ways to poison humans, as the manufacturers don't have to reveal any ingredients.

As this post is a little bit amusing, apart from being yet more madness from our great government, it's a good moment to have a bit of Bill Hicks - the greatest stand-up of all time, whose life was prematurely cut short.  He understood the corruption of government.

Anonymous said...
2010. Totally out of date.

It's 16p now not 44p.

Where are you buying for 7p/kwh is what I'd like to know. Maybe in 2010. It's more like 11-12p for a cheap rate now, 4-5p difference. There are figures for how much is expected to be generated based on how much solar one has on their roof. You cannot get away with simply feeding power back through the system. Maybe a little, but not enough to make it worth while.

Solar panels can generate during the night, teeny tiny amounts from reflected sunlight off the moon. A bright enough night and you'll see a voltage out of them, even if the current is miniscule. Not enough to generate anything useful unless you have acres of them.

Have you ever looked inside one? They are silicon wafers with copper wire attached, nothing more other than a few diodes to stop power feedback. Very simple devices. I very much doubt they are connected to haarp or anything freaky other than 'global warming' fear mongering.

There is no output feedback system to them, in fact the diodes within them stop this happening. If feedback of power (ie a signal trying to be sent out of them) was encoutered, it would either block it via the diodes or blow the diode (thereby breaking the circuit and rendering them useless). If you want to look these things up, they are called schottky diodes (could be summarised as a one way valve for electricity).

Do you know how much power 1kw of solar (roughly 4x panels) generates in winter in mid-england? Roughly 1/7th of an average daily requirement. In summer it's around 4-5 times that, still not enough to cover power use.

They are a visual aid for pushing their global warming crap. If every house has solar panels on it, then global warming must be real. 'Look honey, all our neighbours agree.'

I think it's all part of the greenwashing/agenda 21 crap, not haarp.