Stop asthma. Time to wear chemtrails masks.

UPDATE -  Hi guys "Scotch 3M" make (carbon impregnated) nose/mouth facial face masks.

The auto paint industry have always used them, see your local auto paint suppliers.

please put this (below) into a ebay search for a list of general masks for industry.

You can get some essential oils for aiding your breathing put a few drops on to a piece of cotton wool?

try Halls lozenges or menthol?vicks rub or in a bowl of hot water for the fumes?


search :- face masks 3 m

I wanted to relate to you the following story.

I along with 120 others left the BNP when we found it was being funded from Israel as is the EDL. I have no problem with foreigners just the numbers being pumped in by our government while they put our own people on the dole.

 I was taking my son to school when he had one of his breathing attacks, i sat him on a garden wall while i seached for his inhaler, a man stopped ina car and asked if he was ok ? i said he suffers from chest problems, the man kindly said i am going that way can i drop you both at the school, for which i was grateful and we chatted on the way.

next day i found in my letter box some chemtrail breathing masks, i honestly had heard nothing of these before and did some research on the net, when my boy goes to school now he wears one of these masks and his breathing has improved dramatically, and he has not needed his inhaler. The man said he is an avid reader of your website, can you please put up this letter and ask the man to contact me so i can thank him.

Thankyou TAP

amanda ferguson

TAP -  I will publicize them on the blog if you get me some information about them.  I am worried about my own son's cough, and I wheeze more than I did when going out for a walk in the 'fresh' air.

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