The Book of Mormon Is Heavily Plagiarized

Very interesting interview:

It's long been clear that the book of Mormon, is sort of a made-up version of the bible, as if written by someone living in the early 1800s who was copying bible-type language.

What this interview says is that the book of Mormon copies heavily from a early 19th century travel book!  From the book website:

As a young man, Joseph Smith Jr. claimed he spoke with an angel who gifted him with golden plates inscribed with hieroglyphics. A self-proclaimed unlearned farm boy, he was given the ability to translate the symbols. From that improbable premise sprang The Book of Mormon and a church with millions of members, all following the teachings of Smith and identifying themselves as Latter-day Saints, commonly known as Mormons.
In Book of Mormon, Book of Lies, authors Meredith Ray Sheets and Kendal Sheets present The Book of Mormon and the story surrounding its creation as one of the greatest deceptions in the history of America, if not the entire world. Over twenty-five years in the making, Book of Mormon, Book of Lies will alter the course of global religion, finance, and politics.
It proves that The Book of Mormon, written by Smith and published in 1830, is nothing more than cleverly disguised plagiarism of The Travels of Marco Polo, the voyage of Christopher Columbus to the New World as recorded by his son, histories of the Spanish conquest of Mexico, and travel journals…all readily available to the charlatan.
As I've said many times before, only a fool or a fraudster can believe in Mormonism.