from Dr Patel
The National Health Service (NHS) was set up in 1948 as the government saw their menfolk were not fit enough for another war, the bankers plan was for 3 world wars in 100 years, they saw that 100 years ago  the sun never stopped shining on the British empire and said that Britain was the worlds wealthiest nation, so the bankers envied that prosperity, and British people had to be made fitter and healthier for another war and a weekly sum taken out of their wages for the health care which was then free as it was already paid for, but people began coming in from all over the world to have children , operations and even organ transplants, two children sent over from Africa to be cared for by British taxpayers, that is schooled homed and brought up,  Damilola taylor and Victoria Climbie were both murdered, highlighting a cottage industry in children being sent here for Brits to pay for, the recent case of a wife of a Russian multi-milionaire mafia boss havinga nose job on the NHS because she felt "she looked too Jewish " shows how abused the system is.                                                                                                               

The Royal College of Physicians say that many wards are closed and even whole Hospitals are being closed because of financial cuts, and claim excuses are made of patients having bugs or viruses making patients sick while the real reason for the closures is financial haemorrhage, some official bodies say we now have double the population we had 10 years ago and the country and NHS cannot cope, almost 100 languages and dialects are spoken now in England causing huge problems,  elderly patients are being woken in the middle of the night and made to walk in their pyjamas to other wards and shuffled about like parcels, while the  government says people are living longer official bodies say we are not, and life expectancy is now 77 and lowering year on year, one damning internal rerport claimed patients were often woken and sent home in taxis as the bed was needed for another patient.        
Many elderly are having their bank accounts and homes seized to pay for hospital care that was already payed for, the men sent to W W 1 and W W 2 were told that if they got injured, they would be cared for during their lfetime by government, what a vicious lie.  The retired Jewish doctor who uses the professional name of Dr. John Martin was one of the main exponents campaigning for gays to have their own olympics, this doctor claims that British Hospitals filled out 345 serious incident reports in UK Hospitals where patients died, and in many cases the doctors comcerned did not speak English, and blamed the entire NHS collapse on goverment racist polices over many years, he went on to say the government programme of toxic skytrailing was behind the huge increase in Asthma and respiratory conditions.    
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Care  in Hospitals is on the brink of collapse due to these problems, some experts are saying that the huge tragedy which happened in  between 2005 and 2009 where hundreds of patients died, is just waiting to happen again, one answer according to the hugely wealthy pharmaceutical industry is for them to take over completely, a plan was recently devised where Cherie Blair would front the drug companies take over, but the public outcry against involvement with anything to do with the Bliar's was so great that the plan was shelved. Dr Patel Doctors against racism.


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