The Connecticut Shooting Conspiracy?

Was it?  Who knows -- there's just not enough info.  Strange how few details there are.   At this point, it wouldn't surprise me if it was a set-up of unimaginable evil. The fact that the mother was shot at home then the son went to the school to kill a bunch of little kids is highly bizarre.

But if it was a set-up-- to what end?  Banning guns is simply not going to happen here, and even if they did ban the sale of guns, there are SO MANY guns out there already, it is impossible to get rid of them.  Ban ammo? Possibly, but I doubt.  Plus, people would stock up on ammo if they knew a ban was coming, and many already have anyway.

The one reasonable gun control measure that is possible is to ban high capacity ammo clips, the ones that allow so many shots to be fired without reloading.  But would the PTB really do something so evil just to ban high capacity clips????  That seems hard to believe.

Really, this could just be the product of one highly disturbed individual-- and mental health care is badly underfunded in this country.

But who knows what really happened.

What I do know is lots of real liberals are going nuts over this, screaming for gun control all over the internet.  Will they be actually able to do anything this time?  Hard to say.  I bet there will be some attempt to enact some laws, but nothing close to the delusions in the minds of right-wing gun owners.

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