They're not homeless. They're 'camping'.


I often stop to say hello to the homeless people living in the park, no one should  be living outdoors this weather. Sometimes i will buy an extra sliced loaf and pass it over to be shared between them, they feel forgotten by government and society. I noticeda new face among the frozen throng, a very pretty girl in her thirties huddled into a parka coat, as a male this upset me to see such a lovely creature abandoned to the elements.

Considering how rough it can be for some people, those who whinge over trivialities while having reasonable health, food and a roof over their heads is bad form. It is very cold today. The young girl who was crushed to death in the storms by a falling tree in Exeter city centre the other day was correctly referred to as 'homeless' in the early news bulletin, however by the later main BBC news she was referred to as 'camping'. Someone, somewhere had decided that they would sanitise the news and not make people feel uncomfortable about a young lass having to take shelter under a tree in foul weather, they would rather we think of her as a rather intrepid Novemeber holiday maker taking in the sights of Exeter.

Why must government lie to us ? about immigration, unemployment, stupid wars and those having  their homes and jobs taken away.

T Stokes london