USA Hitman. Sandy Hook victim photos fakes.

Interesting site here. 

Looks like they may have used fake photos of the Sandy Hook victims. It puzzled me at the time how they got a set of photos up so quickly, and obviously hadn't asked the parents. 

Facebook recently announced that they have the right to use any photos for advertising or publicity, and possibly Twitter etc are doing the same. Advertising or publicity includes the Hollywood style completely fabricated news.  

 It sounds rather similar to the Jacintha Saldanha story, in that respect. Any of us could have our photo turn up in a newspaper article that has nothing to do with us. We have somehow agreed to the terms and conditions, and that makes us willing actors on the world stage. 

I think we can still learn from the news. It is not a true account of facts, most of it is completely false. But there is always a hidden message to be decoded. 

By decoding it, we come to better understand how the world works. When we fully understand, I think the evil will stop.