Vaccines ruined my life

Anonymous said...
I can only add my support to everything said here. There is a condition called electromagnetic hypersensitivity or electrosensitivity, it is a condition not recognised in the UK, but in other countries like sweden for example people are helped more by the government who treats this condition as a disability. I have this condition myself and am physically very healthy, I have had blood tests which my GP said were excellent. So we are only being disabled by the environment planned by the elite to prevent us from discovering our own power (as David Icke says). Some say our body reacts to these frequencies like an allergen, now I am in my early 30s and when I was 5 yrs old at school we had a pet rabbit who I used to hold frequently and I thought nothing of it, now I cannot be in the same room as a rabbit or dog, I had a pet dog as a child and was fine, without needing an inhaler, I get asthma so bad if I didn't take it I wouldn't be able to draw breath, the same goes for dogs. If I were to touch them then touch my face, it all swells up and I can't open my eyes. Now why was I ok then and not now? I can only think that something has happened to me in between and the only thing I can think of is vaccinations. I have had quiet a few during childhood, even flu jabs as people with asthma are advised to and I didn't know the truth back then.

I too am hoping that the truth will out in a few days time around the 12th and 21st of december. But it is hard to "raise your vibrations" when this wireless technology is affecting my thoughts and feelings and making me feel tired and ill most of the time I am not under by shielding bed canopy.

Every living thing is affected and my pet cat (who I am not allergic to thankfully) acts very stressed when he comes back from a neighbours house who has wifi (my neighbour has told us "it's what everyone has today"). I feel happy when I read comments where people are considering the harm of wireless technology. The science is there it's just being silenced by those with money, but evil cannot win. I remember the Carebears, I loved them as a child and would look up at the clouds to see if I could see them (I remember seeing the odd persistant contrail back then in the 80s). Now to defeat evil the care bears do a "care bear stare" where they project positivity from their tummies in coloured lights. Now the care bears was most probably a illuminati idea and they are telling us the truth, as they do all the time in the media. Therefore as David Icke says, "it's all about energy" and we can use our hearts to shine light onto their darkness and remove it, I remember him saying you can take a light into the darkest room and illuminate it but you cannot take darkenss into a room full of light and do the opposite.

Peace, Love and Light to all.

TAP - Interesting you feel OK inside the bed canopy.  There are lots more devices to stop emfs from hurting, e.g. the phone sock.  Search Tap Blog under resonance.  See