Was Jacintha Saldanha killed?

UPDATE -  Aangirfan -  Nurse died by hanging.

"The whole Suicide Nurse/Prank Call debacle stinks to high-heaven and NOT ONE news outlet/journo has questioned the statistical fact that women, never mind women who work in the medical field, rarely commit suicide by hanging - it's men that hang themselves (excuse the explicit nature of my comment but the truth must be stated) 

"The fact that Jacinta wasn't even the Nurse who gave out the medical details (allegedly) along with the mention by her own family that 'she was not the type to kill herself', just adds further stinking fuel to the fire.

Many searches coming into the blog with questions like -
Was Jacintha killed?  People are naturally suspicious.  No one has commented that the 'suicide' made any sense.

David Icke ceomments -

More confusion -

"was still alive when found hanging in her staff housing and attempts were made to revive her, it was claimed today.

Jacintha Saldanha, 46, was found alive at her accommodation on Friday morning and was still conscious when police and paramedics arrived - but they could not save her, Sky News reported."

That's odd because the Independent are saying that the results of the post Mortem will be released tomorrow 

Ben Fellows has submitted a post which gives crucial information as to what's going on behind the scenes this weekend with the Leveson Enquiry.


Leveson is going to use Jacintha Saldanha's death as a pretext for ending press freedom in Britain, he suggests.  Now there's a motive for arranging an unlikely 'suicide'.

Anonymous writes -

Anonymous said...
Well done Tap! I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one who found this woman's death extremely bizarre and inexplicable. Why would anyone kill themselves over taking a phone call? After her death was announced the hospital came out with some absurd guff that since the call they had been "helping Jacintha through this difficult time". "This difficult time"! That makes it sound like she'd just been diagnosed with some terminal illness, or had suffered a multiple family bereavement, instead of simply answering a fricking phone call, and passing on the call to someone else!

Give me a break! Also agree with Anonymous6:51 pm that she sounded like she was expecting the call. The two djs said they'd been given the number to ring, but didn't say by whom - it looks like they too may have been set up to take the hit for this. Apparently they weren't very well known in Oz so typical expendable false flag patsys. Also they seemed quite incredulous that they were being put through to the nurse dealing with Katie. As one of them said: "This is the easiest prank call we've ever made!" This whole affair has psy-op written all over it.

Julia writes  -  I have had something on Facebook which I cannot yet verify, and may need further investigation.

Jacintha Saldanha

Mail -  Jacintha Saldanha, 46, was pronounced dead at an address near the private King Edward VII Hospital, where the Duchess of Cambridge was treated, at around 9.30am yesterday.

David Icke -  'The relatives of nurse Jacintha Saldanha have revealed that she told no one in the family about the prank call that has been blamed for driving her to suicide.
Members of the family gathered at the south Indian home of Saldanha's mother-in-law, Carmine Barboza, to console one another after news reached them of the tragedy. They said that neither Saldanha nor her husband, Benedict Barboza, had talked of the hoax phone call or given any clue that she had been under any pressure or strain.'

The headline in the UK Daily Mail today reads: Hoaxed nurse 'died of shame'. The text goes on to say that this is the view of her family. But when family members are directly quoted, her sister-in-law says that they cannot understand why Jacintha would take her own life because she was so 'strong'. 'We would like to get an answer', she says. Jacintha's mother-in-law says: 'I want to know about the circumstances of her death and no one is giving me an answer.'
How does this square with the Mail's headline? Here is a woman who supposedly took her own life leaving behind a grieving husband and two children because she passed a hoax call from two Australian DJ's from the switchboard to a ward. She wasn't publicly named and she did not face disciplinary action. From the known facts this makes no sense whatsoever.

At least there is some sanity in Australia ...

More than two-thirds of Australians don't think DJs were to blame for nurse's death, new poll reveals

Julia -  Apparently a nurse has committed suicide because she divulged information about Kate's medical care. My Facebook link says Kate was implanted with twins.

This fits quite well. Why was Kate in hospital? Surely the only reason she was in hospital, and not visited at home, would be for some sort of surgery? 

Why was the nurse hounded so much that she took her own life, or was she bumped off? The fact that she is now dead seems to highlight the seriousness of the information that she knew. 

The people that tricked her into giving the information, some Aussie news presenters, are getting the blame for the Nurse's death. Spotlight moved to wrong place, as usual, away from the real criminals. 

distraught nurses after hearing of their colleague's death

UPDATE -  Was the nurse given a Royal telling off?  Why did she have to take calls anyway?   It's all just beyond belief.  

The Independent wrote earlier -

Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge were reported to be angry at the intrusion 

TAP maybe it's time one tried not to take oneself so seriously.

WASP -  

On checking what new stuff is in the papers I saw this.

Kate and William 'deeply saddened' to hear 'excellent' nurse who put through Australian DJs' hoax call has been found dead in suspected suicide

Sound Highly Dodgy don't you think.


GORDON too -

Hi Tap,

Nurse on the switchboard found dead 2 days after revealing information

about Kate's condition to DJs from Aus. Sounds mighty suspicious to

me. What did she reveal? Mmm, the mind boggles. Could this be a

warning to the DJs that if they blow the whistle they'll get the same.

Kind regards,


TAP - Did she arrange the call with the Aussie radio station and set up the call in advance?  Was she regarded as a risk that might reveal something else to the media about the patient's treatment?  Would a mature trained nurse commit suicide over putting through a call by chance?  

Would such a person commit suicide at all?  

More likely someone decided to stop her revealing some other information.  


TAP - this post won't edit for some reason and keeps losing its spacings.

The nurse who died yesterday in a suspected suicide was described as a 'lovely lady' who was committed to her family.

Jacintha Saldanha was found dead at King Edward VII hospital's staff lodgings.

Only three days before her death, the 46-year-old nurse had transferred a hoax call from two Australian DJs who obtained intimate details about Kate Middelton while she was staying at the hospital.

Tributes poured in for the mother of two today, as her Indian family talked about their heartbreak.

Mrs Saldanha lived in Bristol with her partner Benedict Barboza, a 49-year-old hospital accountant, also known as Ben.

Jacintha’s mother-in-law Carmine Barboza, 69, said she was told about the death when Benedict called her last night.

Speaking from her home in Udupi, Karnataka, south west India, she said: ‘We got a call last night from Benedict informing us that Jacintha had died. He was crying and couldn't speak much. 

‘We don't know whether we’ll be able to bring her dead body back to India but we desperately hope so. 

'We spoke to Benedict again this morning and he said he hasn’t been allowed to see her body yet because of legal formalities and she’ll not be handed over before Monday. 

'We want to bring her dead body to India to perform her last rites.’

She said that the couple spent last new year with the family in Udupi along with their son Junal, 16, and 14-year-old daughter.

Talking about her daughter-in-law, Mrs Barboza said: ‘Jacintha was a very caring woman. She used to call us every Sunday without fail. We just cannot believe what has happened.’

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The family of Benedict Barboza, pictured, found out about the death of Jacintha Saldanha when Benedict called last night in tears

Family grief: Jacintha Saldanha's Indian family, pictured, was informed about her death last night when her partner Benedict called in tears

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2244999/Tributes-nurse-Jacintha-Saldanha-committed-suicide-transferring-prank-Australian-DJs.html#ixzz2EU56CFsb 
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Osiris777 sends -

Nigel says: 
December 9th, 2012 at 5:45 am

Anyone with a working brain can see the “facts” presented don’t add up. She was “found dead” at an unspecified location close to the hospital. No suicide note. According to friends, acquantainces, co-workers and relatives nothing to suggest depression. As an Catholic Indian from the south west (Goa), I can say that it is unlikely that this happened because of dishonor or shame. And then look at the actual prank…..all that was released was that Kate was suffering from hyperemesis gravidium. What is so funny and scandalous about that really??..wow….some woman has severe morning sickness…..OMG….so shocking….so awful…..it’s the worst thing in the world…..really (gotta love sarcasm). I find it hard to believe that the hospital would sack a hardworking woman for releasing something so trivial….even with confidentiality clauses in place. The nature of the prank nor its outcome balance with a motive for suicide. This suggests that police are just saying it’s suicide to cover up something more….something more sinister….something we all already know. To the millions of sheep out there…..wool has been pulled over your eyes yet again.

Steve Fass says: 
December 9th, 2012 at 12:01 am To survive as a nurse, it takes a special character and inner strength developed over many years, having witnessed some of the most horrific scenes that take place in any hospital.
Not only was this Lady experienced, one would think that over the years there have been many more issues to deal with emotionally than this.
She was also a highly respected and devoted mother and wife and taking her own life over a harmless, light hearted prank call, is incomprehensible.
Her credibility as a quality human being and a valuable, contributing member of any society far outweighs that of any member of the royal family, especially the fragile little patient who, for the first time in her life, experienced some form of bodily discomfort that millions of other pregnant women around the world do as well and deal with it. Imagine if every woman who experienced morning sickness was rushed to hospital.
Did the doctors overlook the possibility that Kate was experiencing muscle tightness after holding a hockey stick for 5 minutes, hence the rush to hospital?

John M Costigan says: 
December 8th, 2012 at 11:37 pm

Lets all get real….The Receptionist (Saldanha) hardly spoke three words to the Radio Jocks….Then she is found dying ???.
I would be happy to know someone so unstable was not nursing my wife…the poor girl must have been in need of treatment long before this episode.
This is the British people who survived years of the blitz in WW2…and are now knocked over by a one minute phone call…Lets get real.

Yvonne says: 
December 8th, 2012 at 8:13 pm

Very sad for Mrs. Saldanha and her grieving family.
There is something ‘not right about this whole business’ a red herring or yet another distraction to conceal the real truth here and yet again create a distraction from the real culprits.


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