Was the Newton Sandy Hook Shooting a Distraction from Other News?

Rather than this apparent horror being a psyop designed to enact gun control, a more likely scenario is that this was a pre-programmed incident with a mind-control psycho patsy, with the PTB waiting for the right moment to set it into motion, depending on what news they wanted to cover up.

I strongly think this was the case was the Virginia Tech massacre, where that morning, there were several headlines about 9/11 pre-warnings from the French, that totally blew away the Bush administration's story, and it was starting to get airplay that day-- right before the shooting occurred. 

That day there was another story about Cheney getting impeached that was totally forgotten.

What might have been covered up by this Sandy Hook story?

Lots of things, potentially.

This story about insane levels of criminality at HSBC and the perps not getting any jail time by the Obama administration could be one.  It is freaking outrageous.  But so are SO MANY stories these days that are OUTRAGEOUS!  We live in seriously fucked up times.

Anyone know of any major stories that might have broken bigger if it weren't for the Sandy Hook massacre?

Also-- note that these kinds of stories are like IV cocaine to the media.  The media directly benefits from them and they even continue the vicious cycle. 

TV news should be avoided at all costs when these things happen.

Also, note at the beginning here, they mention how the shooting was a DISTRACTION from a PEACE MARCH.  Crazy.