WASP discovers the real reason for casting Iran as a devil state. It has little to do with nuclear power.

COMMENT -  ''Keshe has written an open letter to the Obama administration asking them to accept that his technologies could free the human race from many restrictions and solve most challenges''

He's made a big mistake there by revealing himself. In an ideal world all us humans would live as one. There would be no food shortages, free energy in abundance, and a political system that works FOR the people and not AGAINST the people.

However, we have 1 percent of the global population that own 99 percent of the world's wealth in resources and money and think they are superior to everyone else.

This is partly why wars are started... the establish a central [Rothschild] bank and then secure the countries resources to be strictly controlled by the corporations.

Free energy would put multi-billion/trillion corporations out of business... and the globalists can't have that.

Do your research into what happened to Nikola Teslas when he presented free energy. An absolute genius, but relatively naive when it came to how the globalists/politics would stop at nothing to gain control of this resource/technology. 


Hi Tap, the latest Posting from T. Stokes is very interesting, it knocks most of the The Science we Studied into TOUCH, (But at some Stage You've got to 'Drop The Hot Potato' ), it has far reaching implications. M.T. Keshe, has been Equated as the New Nikola Tesla. The other point is he has been offering his Technology Free to Any Government or Scientist willing to listen, few have taken up his offer, except IRAN. Keshe asserts that only the Iranian Government were willing to co-develop the technology, but this, if true adds a potentially crazy twist to the unfolding Iran saga. 
Here is another video with Diagrammes Link:- 

War with Iran Keshe Weirdness  Extracted from General Link  2012: What's the 'real' truth? 

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, an Iranian born Nuclear Engineer, Inventor and Founder of The Keshe Foundation, based in Belgium, claims to have helped the Iranian Government develop a ‘superior’ space program based on his nuclear plasma technology. The Iranian Government openly promotes their space program and may have used a Keshe technology based ‘UFO’ style anti-gravity spaceship complete with tractor beams to capture the infamous US RQ170 Sentinel drone, an event which embarrassed the Obama administration and shook the CIA in December 2011.

If Iran do possess these advanced technologies, Keshe claims they will have impenetrable airspace defense capabilities and will be able to destroy opposition forces globally within minutes. Staggering as these claims are, and as unlikely a scenario as an Iranian victory over the US, Israel and their allies might seem, there are tantalizing clues that there may be some substance to the story, and Iran might be able to punch well above it’s weight in a military conflict.

Keshe claims to have suffered severe harrassment including incarceration and questioning while in transit by Canadian authorities, for which he has evidence in the form of paperwork and his unexplained absence from a scientific gathering he was due to speak at. His equipment, data and papers have been confiscated or copied by various authorities including the Belgian Government, while an imposter claiming to represent the Keshe Foundation has been causing trouble with Governments and corporations, damaging the Foundations credibility as it tries to advance the scientific community’s understanding of the plasma driven sub-atomic Universe Keshe theorized to develop his range of (he claims) fully working technologies which include food, water and energy solutions.

Keshe’s most intriguing claim is that US President Obama has issued an executive order effectively banning anyone from even viewing the Keshe technologies. This Ties in with what Fulford has been telling us about.
The Elite possess it, & use advanced systems, that require no Fuel. I have never bothered to look at this stuff till now, though I have heard mention of it, well done T. Stokes for looking into it & bringing it to our attention.

MT Keshe's Scary Politics (WASP) It doesn't take a great deal of thought to realise, why they would want to stop it becoming widely known, as it will remove the control, of TPTB, which they are desperately trying to hang onto. Once they loose control of the Petrochemical Industries, & related Corporations. THAT WILL SHAFT THE BANKERS, & Equalise So in one way this could spell the end of The Old Order & usher in a something we could only dream of at one Time.

Keshe’s technology is reported to eradicate local electronic activities while operational, and thus may have been used to electronically sever the US drone from it’s eight communications satellites before it’s capture by Iranian forces. Whether aimed at Keshe or not, this Executive Order could certainly be applied to Keshe and anyone that associates with him due to his collaboration on high technology projects in Tehran. Keshe claims Iran have not initiated aggressive action against anyone for hundreds of years, but have stated that they will not hesitate to use his technology to ‘annihilate’ any aggressor(s) against Iran, should military action take place.

It’s hard to believe the US administration and CIA are not aware of this left field dimension to the military potential of Iran, especially as their RQ 170 Sentinel was captured inexplicably unharmed representing a huge compromise of US military security, even if it was captured using standard hacking techniques – which should have left it a crashed wreck. Could this ‘Keshe factor’ be playing a hidden role in the unfolding story of Iran? If there is even a grain of truth in the plasma theory and the Keshe technologies the implications could be global and game changing for humanity’s immediate and long term future.

Keshe has written an open letter to the Obama administration asking them to accept that his technologies could free the human race from many restrictions and solve most challenges, and to move beyond the power position their current technological advantages give them for the good of humanity. As yet he has received no reply.

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