What I experienced in hospital today

I was in hospital today having the usual allergy testing I have to have every few months.  The people next to me were invariably vaccination casualties.  My own troubles cam from the use of PCBs on my father's dairy farm in the 1950s and 1960s to kill insects.  I am much better than I was a few years ago but still need to keep on top of longterm effects of the poisoning we received in childhood, made and delivered by Monsanto, and licensed by the British Govt in full knowledge of the health consequences to millions of people.

The patients that were the worst to observe today were the kids I met, damaged by MMR vaccine and Gardasil.  The possibility that Lyme disease is being injected into people deliberately occurred to me, from talking to them.  One girl was in fine health until aged eight, then had the MMR and soon collapsed with Lyme disease.  This usually requires a tick bite to get started, but she had no bite she was aware of (you would be aware), and she was told by NHS that only 40% of Lyme patients get the illness from tick bite nowadays.

She could have been deliberately injected as part of one of their sick Porton Down type experiments along with thousands of others.  Her family had the money to seek private help.  Most do not.  It costs tens of thousands and years of anti-biotics intravenously to push Lyme disease back.  No one recovers from it entirely.  It is probably a deliberately created virus, such as HIV and such as would please the Duke Of Edinburgh for its population-reducing qualities.  The mother was understandably bitter, while the daughter instinctively knew someone had tried to kill her by injecting her at the tender age of eight, now about sixteen.

Another patient was mature but her health was totally wiped out by the Gardasil vaccine.  She could only eat three things which didn't swell up her throat in an allergic reaction.   It was hard to believe but she was thinking of getting her child vaccinated with the MMR.  I tried to dissuade her.

The NHS was created as a depopulation bureaucracy.  There were eight hundred independent hospitals in Britain in 1947, each following their own path, giving patients choice, if they had money.  The agenda to reduce the population, planned a long while ago by the people at the top of society, required the suppression of all these independent hospitals, and their conversion into a bureaucratic machine that would ensure people were poisoned, and sterilised in as big a number as possible without alerting the sheeple as to what was really going on.

The big lies always get believed.

Another patient told me of a policy with the local ambulance service.  He called the ambulance for a sick 95 year old woman as she seemed very ill. He waited with her for an hour and a half before the ambulance showed up.  He knew the ambulance driver, and asked him why it had taken so long.  He was told that if the patient was over sixty they were under no obligation to attend an emergency.

Take all that information, and the stories David Turnbull has been sending us about the Liverpool Care Pathway.  Remember the local vicar who told me he found it very odd how many of his parishioners were going into hospital with relatively minor problems and then dying very quickly.  It had alerted his suspicions that something was going on.

JULIA adds -  Sounds like you were meant to be there today! Spreading your wisdom about. 
I won't be too upset if the NHS goes under for the reasons you state as it was set up to damage our health by stealth. There are so many alternatives in place now, and more and more practitioners in training. Even GPs and dentists are branching out! 
If all the money spent on making us sick was spent on making us well, it would cost much much less. 

If instead of paying taxes, we kept the money (remember vat is at 20% and there are other taxes by another name like rent and mortgages), we would have plenty of money to treat ourselves to alternative therapies. 
We don't need central control on our health. 

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