Why don't they want you to know about hominoids?

There is good evidence from many parts of the world that human-like large beings exist and live, as they have done for millions of years.  Yet for some reason, the media always ridicules reported sightings, and witnesses occasionally disappear.

Could it be that such clear denial of the theory of evolution is simply too inconvenient to the powerful?

Evolution or Darwinism doesn't measure up to the facts.  There are no intermediate human-like fossils, which could show we had a common ancestor with apes.  Human life suddenly started in relatively recent times, with no link ever discovered to help Darwin's much propagated theories.

This film was passed off by the media as a fake.  It is not a fake.  Human origins are curious, but they are definitely not as taught in schools and colleges around the world.  Hominoids are far closer to human in nature than the Neanderthals which Darwinists claim are the last step in the chain from our original ancestors to humans.  See how well the one above walks.

The whole of (hi)story looks like some kind of cover-up, which it is.  Were we genetically engineered out of hominoids, if we didn't evolve from a common ancestor with apes?  Is that why hominoids have been covered up by the media for centuries.

For more, read pp 156/157 of Everything you know is wrong Book One: Human Origins  by Lloyd Pye.