Dudley offers to clear bad vibes for us

Dark Energy / Black Magic ... the " Unofficial Weapon "

Hi Tap,

I have just been looking at your article on HAARP ( well done for getting it out there ) but it made me think to tune into you,  as once you become “known” as anti-govt, it is likely that you will have black magic, etc used against you to make life difficult and it was no surprise to me to find that this is indeed the case.

If you believe in such things and would like my help to keep you and your organisation, equipment, etc clear,  then I am prepared to offer my services.
I am doing this work for many people around the globe now and really do have the connections and psychic “firepower” to do the necessary to assist you.
You can find me on Facebook EvolutionExeter ... www.evolutionexeter.com  ... I run the spiritual centre in Exeter known as Evolution.

Please believe that this is a genuine offer to be of service.  The “ World Management Team “ is getting worried and rightly so,  as the pressure on them is steadily building now and the work which you and others like you do is vital to see us get a positive result.

I can make things run more smoothly for you in future by keeping you clear of dark energy

Love and Light to you

Dudley Hambleton
Evolution, Exeter

TAP - Dudley, we need all the help and support we can get.....how would you begin?  

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