Homeopathy works. That's why you never hear about it.

Loads of top homeopaths have tried to correct the lies published under the Wikipedia Homeopathy entry. Every time they tried, the corrections were deleted. 

The NWO/Elite DO NOT WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW THAT HOMEOPATHY WORKS as they want people to suffer and die with poisonous pharma drugs. To this end they have created and hired worldwide large numbers of skeptics from science departments as well as computer tech people to create masses of blogs and rubbish it. 

Journalists have told me that you cannot get a single positive article published about homeopathy in the mainstream media. Also most other alternative medicine but they are bent on destroying homeopathy because they know it works and NO WAY do they want the public to find out. 

 (There are 3,500 homeopathic medicines for all illnesses). I have personally used nothing else since 1991. 

Louise McLean writer