Lloyd Pye on The Star Child Skull

Toady sends this. (formerly Toad Hall)

 How he came upon the star child skull. What is it?

 Where did it come from? It had a much more powerful brain capacity, shallow eye sockets.  The material is like tooth enamel.

It's not a child.  It's an adult.  Yet mainstream science wants people to think it's  child and that's what you find out on the internet.

The DNA is over fifty years old, discovered in 1930, and no doubt much earlier.  The debunkers have filled the internet with wrong information on this as with so many other things.  Lloyd Pye tells it like it is, using the latest DNA technology which is able to penetrate the mystery.  It's not human.....

Is it a an alien?  It has all the physical hallmarks of a grey alien.

As I'm reading Zechariah Sitchin,  and realizing that human history is intimately connected with off planet  life forms.  Here is another line of enquiry.  I recommend Lloyd Pye's 'Everything you know is wrong' as a good start point for anyone thinking of venturing off planet as they try to work out who we are, how we got here and where are we going.

If you prefer to focus your thinking back on planet earth, Toady's got you covered too -

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