NHS. Don't risk it, say staffers.

The NHS is just one huge test-lab for Big-Pharma.

'Liverpool Care Pathway' takes care of the patients that are deemed unprofitable to Big-Pharma. In other words, starve the patient of vital minerals and supplements as the government/Big-Pharma have taken it upon themselves to deem them unfit/unprofitable to society (kudos to this lovely lady: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2223836/I-survived-death-pathway-Patricia-82-given-days-live-family-defied-doctors-gave-water-straw--shes-planning-world-cruise.html).

For the rest of the population, they are subjected to Big-Pharma drugs which can do you more harm than good, hospital food which was long ago out-sourced to companies that couldn't care less about hygiene and food nutritional value. And don't forget about MRSA and countless other 'super-bugs'.

Do you really want to risk your life in the NHS's hands?

Staff morale levels in the NHS are at an all time low too... I know plenty of staff that work in the NHS. My partner has worked for them for nearly 11 years and most of her friends are NHS staffers too.