Olympics opening ceremony. Normalising paedophilia.

The Olympic Opening Ceremony had GOSH in it with a picture of a kid crying. Great. GOSH stands for Great Ormond St Hospital.

SH is Sandy Hook. Hurricane Sandy is also SH but reversed.

Stoke Mandeville Hospital also appears at the Olympics as the mascot Mandeville.
How come? Did they plan the Savile scandal?

Is it part of the Normalising Paedophilia plan? Or do they want us to realise what's going on, to see if we actually do anything about it? To see how numb we are, to see if we just carry on shopping....

With info from Merovee blog.... http://merovee.wordpress.com/2012/12/19/sandy-hook-go-sh-and-the-truman-show/#comment-12148 


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