Which kind of mask protects best against chemtrails?

Hi Tap, 

I have searched on the internet, including Ebay and I cannot seem to find these masks. At the moment I wear a Respro Bandit washable mask designed for anti pollution while on a bike, I purchased this about 3 years ago and the carbon part of it sandwiched between the two layers of the mask has long gone and i've stitched it where the nose bridge part started coming away from the cotton mask. I used it before I knew about chemtrails for pollution. I tried replacing it earlier in 2012 when I learnt about chemtrails with a 3M ffp3 valved dust mask which was supposed to protect against toxic vapours. I wore this while riding through chemtrail fallout and felt a a feeling in my throat like i'd inhaled sharp dust, so I guess it doesn't work. 

I am trying to find a better mask as my Bandit mask needs replacing, I have spent hours and hours searching and reading and I am confused. I think these people who mask dust masks are part of the illuminati and don't want to protect us like they say they do, in addition I wonder if they use materials or add substances to the masks to be detrimental to our health, while making us expose ourselves to toxins believing that we will be protected. My 3M masks smell a bit chemically and agrivate my asthma slightly (I don't think this was just because of the chemtrail dust).

I really need advice here, I was thinking of trying surgical masks as they say that a type 2 will protect against fine dust, plus infections. But do I trust the makers? and if I do will it filter any better than the 3M dust masks?

I will probably buy another Respro bandit, as my last one has served me well, it just becomes damp from exhaling and resticts breath soon after wearing, even more so now we live in a constantly damp environment (everyone seems to be buying dehumidifiers). Although some people say that a damp mask is best to filter out this stuff and my experience tells me that they are right.

Any advice will be much appreciated. Many Thanks.