Psychological Operations An Introduction

Way back in the last century, in late 1996, my good friend and militia comrade Arlin Adams, a graduate of some of the finest training Fort Huachuca had to offer, sent me a copy of a government publication just then hot off the presses -- Psychological Operations: Principles and Case Studies, edited by COL Frank Goldstein, USAF and COL Benjamin Findley, Jr., USAFR.

It was published in September of that year by the Air University Press at Maxwell Air Force Base here in Alabama.

Arlin (who ran a small unit that he called "1st PsyOps Company, Army of Northern Virginia") and I were just then in the middle of planning a poster campaign to embarrass the FBI into arresting Michael Brescia -- roommate of the federal provocateur Andreas Carl Strassmeir (aka "Andy the German") at the Identity compound (and yes, it WAS a compound) at Elohim City, Oklahoma. It was Andy the German who the Fibbies admitted that McVeigh had called just two days before the OKC bombing. Strassmeier split the country by the end of the year when publicity began to focus on him and his connection to McVeigh, exiting illegally out through Mexico with the assistance of racist right attorney and FBI snitch Kirk Lyons. Brescia, and that portion of the Aryan Republican Army terrorist organization (aka "The Midwestern Bank Bandits") who had strangely evaded arrest when the rest of the gang was busted, were still walking the streets, armed and dangerous and on an apparent free pass from the FBI. In Brescia's case the Feds could not deny that he was one of the ARA, since his name had been mentioned as a gang member in open court (but the US attorney had it stricken from the record).

Michael Brescia, aka John Doe #2.

Brescia, to my mind, bore a striking resemblance to the sketch of John Doe #2. So we put a poster together, "Unwanted by the FBI" and Arlin, with the help of a member of the New Jersey militia, posted them around Philadelphia, all over Brescia's parent's neighborhood and on the campus of the college he attended. On slim resources we carried it off and it was publicized by none other than Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of the London Telgraph.

(You can find Evans-Pritchard's story in the old files of the John Doe Times, an Internet newsletter I edited at the time.)

A few things happened at Main Justice in the days following the appearance of Ambrose's story. First, Janet Reno declared that John Doe #2 had never existed, and she vacated the warrant (and the $2 million reward) for JD2. Immediately after that decision was taken, in the same meeting according to FBI sources of Oklahoma journalist J.D. Cash, the pick-up orders were issued for Brescia and the rest of the ARA still out enjoying the scenery. (That bitch still owes me two million dollars.)

Brescia got a sweetheart deal on the charges of carrying bombs into banks (each of which should have been mandatory life) and ended up serving less than five years. While in jail, a snitch reported to a Philly reporter who passed it on to me, Brescia threatened to slit the throats of my young daughters while I was forced to watch. One of the two leaders of the ARA, Pete Langan, is still in federal prison, held incommunicado from the media (not even Dan Rather and 60 Minutes could get in to see him) and Langan will die in prison. The other, "Wild Bill" Guthrie, ended up at the business end of a dirty bedsheet in a cell in Covington KY while waiting to testify at Langan's trial (and coincidentally I'm sure, just a day after he promised to give a reporter from the LA Times "the goods" on the Oklahoma City bombing).

But Brescia, the pampered terrorist, has long been back out on the streets to roam freely. No doubt one day he'll show back up in some other FBI "sting-gone-bad."

But the fact of matter is, although I look back on that period as one of the great might-have-beens of American justice, that just a few guys and some pieces of paper strategically placed and barely mentioned in a foreign newspaper, altered the conduct of the Imperial Federal Government.

Arlin Adams is long dead now. A magnificent soul, he died shortly after he moved to Missouri subsequent to his marriage to the wonderful woman he had looked all his for. J.D. Cash is gone now too, also supposedly of natural causes. There are times, usually late on sleepless nights, that I miss them both terribly and think how close we came to ripping the mask off a criminal federal government and the mass murder carried out with the assistance of their snitches and provocateurs paid for with our tax dollars.

But our larger failure should not obscure the efficacy of psychological operations in political and military affairs. My first copy of Psychological Operations is dirty and dog-eared now, its pages stained with old yellow and pink highlighter patches. Fortunately, my son Matt sent me a new copy that he had chanced across the other day, so I can retire Arlin's original into the cabinet along with the Brescia "Unwanted by the FBI" posters.

From that volume, I present below for your edification and amusement, the first chapter, "Psychological Operations: An Introduction" by COL Frank L. Goldstein, USAF and COL Daniel W. Jacobowitz, USAF, Retired.

Read, and learn.